YASA P400 R Series
YASA P400 R Series

YASA P400 R Series electric motors and generators are the smallest and lightest in their class.

These advanced axial flux motors produce up to 370 Nm and 160 kW of peak torque and power from a minimum axial length of just 80.4 mm.

The P400 R Series are 3rd generation YASA e-machines and feature enhanced durability and NVH characteristics to simplify integration into prototype and limited run vehicle production.
Manufactured in volume

The P400 R Series are manufactured using advanced materials and proprietary construction techniques that enable high-volume production with significant customer cost benefits.

Models from 20kW to 100kW continuous

The YASA P400 R Series motor and generators are available in a range of torque and speed combinations that provide the optimum performance in different applications. Please contact us for detailed information.

Design Features

Best-in-class torque and power density. Peak power density 6.7 kW/kg
Oil cooled stator with optional integrated rotor air cooling
Enclosed (IP67) and cartridge types
Through-shaft mounting and stacking capability
*Subject to drive cycle, thermal conditions and controller capability
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